Notary/Notaire Counsel of the Kingdom of Cambodia





July 5, 2002

Excellencies, Ambassadors, Distinguished Guests, Neak Okhnas, Ladies and Gentlemen!
Mr. Benson Samay, Notary Counsel!

It's my pleasure to attend this opening ceremony of the Notary Counsel today. On behalf of the Royal government of Cambodia, I extend the warmest congratulation to Mr. Benson Samay, the Notary Counsel, who does the utmost to perform his duty to the government of Cambodia.


I recall that Cambodia is working hard to become an industrialized nation by means of paying much attention to attract the local and foreign investments. To achieve this goal, Cambodia should be peaceful, politically stable, safe, secure and the legal system should be in the firms where the laws can be enforced.

The Notary counsel is an institution that has been granted the public power and authority to guarantee and protect the interests of businessmen, investors and the people of Cambodia. The Notary Counsel's re-establishment is very significant because it carries out the government's policy of the reforms in the administration and governance under the leadership of Samdech Hun Sen, the Prime Minister of the Royal Government of Cambodia. The Notary Counsel re-installed is to encourage and attract the foreign investors and ASEAN nations by providing legal assurance and protections for their businesses in Cambodia.

The Notary Counsel had been existed since 1954, but it was terminated in 1975 on account of war in Cambodia. Now, the Royal government of Cambodia grants Benson Samay as the Notary Counsel to officially start the Notary System for the Kingdom of Cambodia. Because of his qualifications, and his long experience of the Cambodian legal system, Benson Samay will define the process of the Notary System in conformity with the laws of the Kingdom of Cambodia and international standard of notary system.

This institution shall act and function to protect and guarantee the state properties, freedom and property of individuals based on the rules, laws and national interests. To strengthen the process of the Notary System, the Royal Government of Cambodia is under way to draft new laws involved because the Notary has been used broadly in the 68 developed countries around the world. Neighboring countries such as Vietnam, Lao, China and Thailand have also followed this system to legalize and authenticate documents to ensure and protect the legal interests of the people.

The Notary Counsel is fully responsible for drafting documents such as real estate contracts, property agreements and notarizing the contracts for sales and purchase, mortgage, transfer of land title, wills and testaments, commercial and industrial agreements. While notarizing any document, the notary is not bias to any party because he plays the role as an arbitrator and mediator to ensure accuracy, transparency and fairness to both parties.

The notarized document is not just a simple certification; it has to go through a thorough investigation to ensure the document accurate before the law. The act to guarantee the security reduces the cases of litigations in court, particularly the land issue we face today.

The Notary/Notaire Counsel is responsible for indemnifying the loss of any party, if the notarized document is found to be invalid in accordance with the laws of the Kingdom of Cambodia. The protective measure done by the Civil-law Notary System is like an insurance policy and considered to be part of the significant reforms towards Cambodians in ensuring the protection by law and attraction to encourage local and foreign investments.

Before I conclude, I would like to appeal to all representatives of the legal and judicial system to support and use the Civil-law Notary System service to ensure transparency and fairness to our people.

Excellencies, distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen present here at this opening ceremony today, help to spread the news of the Notary Counsel that can assist to legally protect and draft documents to protect businessmen, traders, investors against forgery, fraud and disputes.

On the auspicious occasion, I would now like to officiate the official opening of the Notary Counsel today. I wish the Notary Counsel success in performing his duties.

Distinguished guests,
Ladies and Gentlemen
5 best wishes: Buddha, longevity, prosperity, health, strength and wisdom.

Thank you.


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